Meet Meeks...

We've been admirers of the amazing Meeks blog for quite some time now, so when we found out Charlotte behind the blog was pregnant with her first baby we were beyond excited!!

The Meeks blog is beautifully put together and has a chic edge that we can't resist. This isn't your typical fashion blog, it's all things travel, style and now with a new addition of Mini Meeks! So whilst we lust after Charlotte's many perfect outfits on Instagram, what we really take away from Meeks is her extensive knowledge of cool places to visit across the world. Covering cities such as LA, Ibiza, Paris and Dubai, she manages to hunt out the most instagrammable lifestyle destinations and hidden gems, ensuring that we have an endless list of places we just have to visit! As you can tell we highly recommend Meeks !!


Tell us a bit about your blog Meeks and how it was born…

The blog started off as a platform for me to keep almost a diary of places and things I love. I was working in PR whilst living in Dubai at the time and went travelling for a month around America for my honeymoon. I found lots of amazing places that I wanted to remember. People would ask me for recommendations and a love of telling them of the best places, things to do, places to shop etc really started to evolve from there.

How did you motivate yourself to succeed? 

I've always wanted the blog to remain authentic and be a genuine place that friends, family and new visitors can go to help plan holidays, find out about new fashion brands and hopefully fall in love with things that I love. Watching it grow and hearing the positive feedback of people enjoying it and actually using it really motivates me to find new things to add.

What and who inspires you?

Everything and everyone, things that people love that I've never heard of before, places people go that I hadn't thought of. I find it fascinating how different people have different experiences at the same place, they can wear the same outfit and look completely different. I love bringing different elements together

Who’s your all time style icon? 

I have a few... In the current time it would Olivia Palermo and Audery Tautou but I love vintage clothes so I love icons like Sophia Loren, Bridget Bardot, Bianca Jagger and Anita Pallenberg.

What’s the most stylish item you own?

I have recently bought a 70s vintage boho dress which has beautiful embroidery all over with a high neck and bell sleeves, it wasn't expensive but something that il love forever. Other then that i think my Chloe boots, everyone comments on them and they are a classic so completely worth the price tag as I wear them nearly every day!

Which mum friendly item could you not live without? 

My changing bag! Before having the baby I was adamant I wouldn't need one, after only a few days I gave in and I don't know how I'll live without it! I've never had a bag so organised!! 

What would be your number one mum-hack?  

I don't really have one yet as she's only 10 weeks old but we do try to get out in the fresh air every day. I think it's great for us both and helps the baby to sleep.

What’s your favourite baby brand/product?

My egg stroller, I found most prams quite mumsy but the egg stroller feels really stylish with the black fabric and tan trims! People laugh when I say I went for that colour combination because it goes with most of outfits, they don't realise that's not a joke!

What has been your proudest moment as a brand/blogger? 

I feel most proud when I hear people say they have been somewhere after seeing it on my blog or bought from a brand they didn't know about until seeing it on my blog. It makes me feel like it's working and it's helping people.

And what has been your proudest moment as a mama? 

She's still very young so at the moment just having her is the proudest thing I've ever done, I still can't quite believe she's here and she's mine.

What advice would you offer to any aspiring bloggers or mumpreneurs? 

I think mainly that you can have both and not to feel guilty about doing your own thing whilst having a baby. It's healthy to have something just for you. And a happy mum makes a happy baby.

And finally, what are your plans for the brands future? Any exclusives you can reveal? 

I feel like most destinations in the world have amazing places and experiences within them however if you don't know where to go or what to do you can feel like that certain place has nothing to offer. I'd like Meeks to become a platform that people turn to when going on a break to know the best places to eat, drink, stay etc and it's starting to get to that point. In the future I'd like to bring in other areas that I feel fit under the brand where like minded people come to find all things stylish. A place where they come to find not only the best places to eat but the best dish on their menu, the best table to view the most amazing sunset and the name of the waiter that serves the best cocktail they won't even find on the menu. I want to push forward unknown brands and show case small vintage stores that normally people would walk straight past. I want to help people find the most amazing flowers to the prettiest cupcakes. All the things in life that maybe we don't need but we like, all the things I love that I know others would love too if they knew about them.

Not your ordinary every day things, exquisite or beautiful, stylish or different, back street and unknown. An experience you wouldn't have without Meeks.