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Meet Christina and Julia; founders of Bloom & Blossom

What inspired you to start your business Bloom & Blossom?

Christina: We have always been interested in beauty and
skincare, always looking for new and innovative
solutions to looking and feeling our best
– and no time more so than when we were pregnant.

We wanted effective, safe, ingredients-led products that delivered the same exceptional results as our
non-maternity focused products.
We also wanted something stylish and elegant,
that didn’t scream “pregnant”
(no cupcakes or fluffy bunnies for me please!)

When we couldn’t find anything on the market we liked,
we decided to create our own.

We love the new Sleep Range; why did you feel it was important to expand into this area?

Julia: Prioritising getting a good nights rest is the single most beneficial thing you can do for your family’s health.
Sleep is especially important for children as it directly
impacts mental and physical development.

Without getting too scientific, during the deep states of NREM sleep, blood supply to the muscles is increased, tissue growth and repair occur,
energy is restored and important hormones are released for growth and development.

Still not convinced? Getting enough sleep is also intrinsically linked to emotional well-being.
A rested mind and body is better able to handle stress; at work, school and at home.

Tell us more about the new sleep range of products on offer...

The new Bloom and Blossom Sleep and Baby Sleep ranges,
give parents all the tools they need to create a perfect night’s sleep.
Both ranges are focused around a 4 step routine, centered
around our unique sleep fragrance – a blend of frankincense, chamomile flower,
linden blossom, moringa and ylang ylang – to help gently soothe the senses and
allow you to relax, unwind and SLEEP.

What is your favourite beauty product to help any mums surviving on minimal sleep?

Julia: We have got 5 children between us, so we are well versed in beauty hacks for the sleep deprived!

Dry shampoo has to be the number 1 lifesaver, closely followed by a generous application of blusher.

Our Rejuvenating Facial Spritz is also a winner when it comes to running on empty – we created it specifically for sleep deprived mums in need
of a refreshing pick me up and its also a fantastic skin conditioner.

Aside from your own bed,
where is the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had?

Christina: I sleep incredibly well on holiday, specifically
if I’m lucky enough to catch a siesta. It’s a combination of being unplugged
from work, enjoying uninterrupted family time, fresh air, a generous dose of
vitamin D (and quite possibly more than one gin and tonic…)

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